Eline Duerinck
Eline Duerinck graduated with honors at the School of Arts Ghent.
She loves variation in styles and often plays at various stages with different ensembles.
She is the cellist and founding member of Warped Time Ensemble, which focusses on twentieth
century chamber music. They performed Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps (O.Messiaen) and Pierrot
Lunaire (A.Schönberg). They have played concerts for Young Soloists East-Flanders and were
invited to perform in The Netherlands, Italy, Mexico and Bolivia.
With bands such as Laughing Bastards and Halva, Eline is experienced in jazz improvisation and
klezmer folk.
She toured at the Belgian theaters with artists such as Pascale Platel and performed with Lieven
Tavernier, Mich Walschaerts, Sarah Ferri and many others.
Eline is also active as a cello teacher at Academie de Kunstbrug, Ghent.



Patricia George

Patricia George studied accordion and chamber music at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp  with Roger Eggermont and Theo Mertens. She  graduated with honors and received the First Prize in Accordion and the First Prize in Chamber Music. Patricia also attended master classes where she was taught by Viatcheslav Semionov, today widely regarded as one of the world's most famous Russian musician and contemporary composer for bayan.

From 1995 she went on a world tour with the production "La Tristeza Complice” choreographed by Alain Platel in collaboration with the production company LOD and  Les Ballets C de la B.

Patricia also collaborated with production houses such as Hussaarts & Van Lohuizen, Het Paleis, Laika, BonteHond and Pantalone.

In 2009, Patricia along with Michael De Weert, Sarah Vandendriessche, Tine Van Parys and Bart Zwaan, foundes CIRCACINCO, a place where the sensual, sensitive and distinctive tango music currently comes together. Since 2017 contrabassist Bram Decroix completes CIRCACINCO.

In addition to her work as a performing musician she writes her own music and arrangements for, among others, ACCELL.

She is also active as an accordion and ensemble teacher at the Academy of Art “de Kunstbrug Ghent”.